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Tokyo Health Industry Show 2015 「Beauty & Anti-Aging Show」

Tokyo Health Industry Show 2015, Men's Fashion & Goods Show 2015


Tokyo-to, Setagaya-ku, Okusawa 5-35-5
Operating Hours:9:30~18:30
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays

ドクターデオドラント ミョウバンシリーズ 加齢臭対策 薬用PESスプレー アットピースラボ フコイダン保湿ローション


  • フコイダン保湿ローション

    Customer who bought Fucoidan Moisture Lotion

    It has perfect moisturizing power! Because I'm atopic, I only moisturize with face lotion. I'd ordered a sample of this product and forgotten about it, but was spurred to try it after seeing reviews here, and the moisture was great!To the point that even though I primarily use Squalane Oil, which is 5000 yen for 30ml, if I use this lotion first I only need a tiny amount of the oil. I feel that my skin condition has improved, and the dry wrinkles have faded! I will be buying more when I run out!

  • 加齢臭対策スプレーPES

    Customer who bought DEO 35 PLUS+Spray

    I'm glad I bought it(^-^)
    I was always bothered by the smell from my scalp・・・。
    I'd been debating whether or not to buy it, but when I finally did,
    the smell disappeared! It works even if I sweat during exercise!
    I should definitely have bought it earlier(*^^)v

  • パーフェクトデオドラントセットEX

    Customer who bought Perfect Deodorant EX Trial Set

    It was a surprise.
    This is really effective. I've tried many drugstore products to tackle underarm sweat, and none of them really had much effect, but this product is amazing. I immediately signed up for regular purchases.

  • パーフェクトデオドラントセットEX

    Customer who bought Perfect Deodorant EX Trial Set

    Previously, I bought the limited edition first time buyer product for my son to try.
    When I asked him how it was, he said that it was effective from the very first use!
    After washing in the shower, you foam up the Alum Soap and wash the underarms. It's apparently very refreshing, the soap doesn't have a bothersome smell, and just like that, the odour is gone when you wake up in the morning! My son really recommends it, because using this soap and spraying the Alum Spray EX once in the morning, highly effective results are gained!
    I thought the results would vary with the individual.
    Because it was useful for my son, I was able to stop worrying about this(^^;)
    I thought this would be useful only to people who were bothered by underarm odour.
    Incidentally... I originally bought the soap + spray set, but I became a repeat customer because my daughter wanted to try it too!
    My daughter is in high school and take parts in club activities, so sweat can be quite a concern.
    Personal grooming is especially important to girls, isn't it?(^^;)
    I won't be without this product from now on!!
    Highly recommended!

  • 定期お届けコース

    Customer who bought the regular delivery course

    I was 99% satisfied by the triat set, so I didn't hesitate to apply for regular purchases.

    My daughter is the one who uses it mainly.
    So, these is my daughter's honest opinion.

    Me "How is it? Did you like it after trying it?"
    Daughter "I was surprised that there was no underarm odour even after sweating during my physical education class."
    Me "That's good, isn't it? How about your feet?"

    Daughter [sniffs her feet]

    Daughter "My foot smell is strong so they smell. Mom, can you give it a sniff?"
    Me "I don't have your enthusiasm for feet, so no thanks!"
    Daughter "Don't say such things and just give it a sniff! It's becoming a fermenting smell."

    Me [runs away]
    Daughter [chases]

    It went like this(^-^;)haha

    As for me, I really dislike the oily smell from the tip of the nose and nostrils.
    (That can probably be said for everyone, though ^^)

    Because the smell is coming from the nose, even I am easily aware of it.
    If you like, I'll have you smack my nostrils.
    (Who likes it?^^)

    The thing that drew me most to this soap
    is that if you wash your nose and nostrils thoroughly after washing your face,
    the oil produced later will not have an odour.

    Because the results probably vary with the individual,
    I guess not everyone would experience the same results.
    That being said, I think it's worth a try for everyone.

  • DEO35スプレー

    Customer who bought DEO 35 PLUS+Spray

    It's not a lie - it really gets rid of the smell. I tried it on my scalp (area behind my ears) before perspiring, and there wasn't any odour from sweat at all. While I cannot say definitively because everyone's body is different, I think it's worth a try for everyone. Even though it's a trial size, you can use it bit by bit, so it does last a while.


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